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Our Process

Our process is simple - Give us a call and tell us what you are trying to achieve; we will discuss your project details, along with your budget, and how to best achieve the most for the money you wish to spend. We will explain our fee structure and the cost and benefits of working with an architect. If you feel it is beneficial to work with Robey and Associates, Inc., we can set an ap-

Initial Engagement and Concept Design

Usually, after meeting with a prospective client, they want to engage us immediately to start on the design. We will email a short contract to you describing our fees and how expenses, such as reimbursables, are billed. Simply sign it and email it back to us and the process begins!

Design Development

In this phase of the project we will start to iron out the design details, construction issues, and project budget concerns. This is basically the initial stage of generating the permit or construction drawings. Details and schedules will be generated, and progress sets of drawings will be delivered to you for interim reviews and input. 

Permit/Construction/Bid Drawings

There are three levels of drawings that we can generate for your project. They are as follows:

Permit Drawings - The most basic and simply utilized to obtain a building permit. These drawings consist only of the information that the local jurisdiction needs to approve the plans. The rest is up to you and your builder. This is not a recommended approach for someone with little or no project management experience.
Because the concept phase of a project is the most unpredictable, we usually charge an hourly fee for this service. When a conceptual design solution is reached, we will then move into the Design Development phase of the project.
pointment to come to the project site to meet with you, review our process, and discuss your program in greater detail.
This is a good time to bring a builder on board to help keep the project budget and scope of work in proper alignment.
Construction Drawings - More detail then the permit drawings as needed to assist the builder with complicated design issues. These drawings do not contain any contract language and are lacking in cost control measures that assure tighter and more competitive bids when more than one company is vying for the work.

Bidding Documents - A combination of the first two but also includes cost control language; allowance amounts for numerous items not yet selected; schedules for windows, doors, trim, and miscellaneous finishes. These documents set a level playing field for the bidding contractors by making them bid "apples to apples." Just remember: a good estimate from a contractor doesn't necessarily mean good products are being used!

Project Management

Hiring Robey & Associates to oversee the work is advantageous to you. Our services range from making a few site visits during construction (to ensure that the work is being executed correctly and per your agreement with the contractor), to reviewing product submittals for compliance and quality control. There will ultimately be design issues
that need resolution, and often conflicts will arise that an architect can help resolve with an amiable and equitable solution. This will help keep the project moving forward and all parties involved enthusiastic.