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Custom & Waterfront Homes

Robey & Associates, Inc. has designed many unique homes in the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan area. Many of these homes are waterfront and require special code and complex environmental challenges. It is our goal to meet your programmatic and personal needs. Remember, this house is about you, not us. We will design this house around who you are, infusing our knowledge and experience to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. We can work with you every step of the way: from design through construction monitoring, all along the way keeping quality at its highest and cost in check. Talk to us about your project - we will make the entire process an enjoyable one for you!
Interior Layout & Design

Any good architect knows the power of curb appeal when it comes to a well-designed facade. A handsome house is something you can be very proud. The interior of your home however is more personal and not just viewed by the casual passer by. It is where you live, and where you entertain close friends and family. It says more about you than the exterior of you home. Good design can make it fun and full of surprises. How the circulation flows, how the rooms relate to each other, and clever use of finishes and colors can enhance the experience for you and others. Do not just focus on the exterior architecture. The interior and exterior should work together and complement each other. Let our years of experience in design help you achieve a home with added value, not just monetary but also transcendently.
Custom Homes